WWE Power Series: Shoulder Shocker Workout- Triple H

WWE Power Series: Shoulder Shocker Workout with Triple H is an effective upper body-targeted shoulder workout routine that is designed to build muscle, burn fat and uncover ripped definition. Activate the core and engage the arms, biceps, triceps, glutes, rhomboids and deltoids as you challenge the muscles of the shoulders with result-driven moves like front raises, Cuban presses and side lateral raises that will strengthen the shoulder girdle and bulk you up fast! Start out with 7 reps of each move in succession and be sure to track your results so you can push yourself to be your best each time through. Turn up the burn as you learn proper form to maximize results with Wrestling Mogul and WWE Superstar, Triple H as he coaches you through this versatile routine from the brand new “WWE Power Series” Fitness DVD will leave you feeling stronger and leaner. Want a ripped, muscular extreme athlete’s physique worthy of the main event? Well, now you can. If you’re looking for a workout system to obliterate fat, combat aches and pains, and build ripped, rock-hard muscle then you’ve met your match! Enter center ring and join WWE champion and Superstar legend Triple H for a total-body challenge that will change your life. Created by world-renowned strength coach Joe DeFranco, this powerful system includes upper-body, lower-body, cardio, and mobility workouts, as well as a 4-week calendar, to maximize strength, endurance, flexibility, and function with raw, no-nonsense exercises. Rumble with the best and build a chiseled body fit for the fight. You will need a set of dumbbells, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this series that can be modified to fit any level of fitness. Train with your favorite WWE stars right from your own home. Tune in to BeFiT every weekday for free new workouts for the entire body. Click here for Extreme total body workouts: http://bit.ly/1HGy8GX
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