Yoga Full Body Flow Workout- Caitlin Turner

Yoga Full Body Flow Workout with Caitlin Turner (AKA Gypset Goddess) is a flowing, 20 minute total body Yoga routine that uses a soothing series of quintessential beginners Yoga poses to release tension, burn calories, elongate muscle, boost energy and focus breathing to tone the body from head to toe. Relieve anxiety and reduce tension caused by sitting for long periods with Expert Yoga Instructor, Blogger and Host of the TV Show “Yoga Bliss”, Caitlin Turner (aka Gypset Goddess), as she takes you through this restorative journey that will leave you looking and feeling your best. The first half of this workout is comprised of standing poses that focus on reducing stiffness in the back and hips as you activate your core and sculpt lean muscle before entering a floor series in the second half to open the hips and chest as you tone the arms, abs, gluts, shoulders, legs, obliques and back. Learn to send your breath to areas that are the most tense. This unique workout focuses more on how you feel rather than how you look. Stay with your breath as you learn flow seamlessly from one pose to the next with moves like child’s pose, cat/cow, downward dog, low lunge, crescent pose, upward dog, warrior 2, reverse warrior, extended side angle, triangle pose, pigeon pose, shin stacks, plank, supermans, laying twists and more. Re-shape yoru body, elongate your spine and increase flexibility right from your own living room with one of the best in the business in this invigorating routine. Take this fluid workout with you anywhere as it requires only a Yoga mat, and can be adjusted to suit all skill levels. Listen to your body as you go into each pose and remember you will improve and become more flexible with each day. Tune in to BeFiT every weekday for newly-uploaded workouts. Click here for more FREE Yoga workouts:

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